If you would like to sit back, relax and watch a professional demonstrator arrange flowers, building up an impressive display on stage that will delight and inspire you, do come along and visit or join Elworth Flower Club.  The club was founded in 1957 and 61 years later we are still going strong. Elworth Flower Club meets in the evening at 7-30pm and caters for those who are working or otherwise occupied during the day. We are passionate about floral design but combine it with a strong social ethos and our aim is to have fun whilst indulging our passion.


The Club meets on the third Monday of each month, except for August and December. At the club meetings top class demonstrators are engaged to provide a varied programme of floral arrangements with interesting and humorous commentary. The floral designs are raffled off at the end of the evening and then members and visitors can socialise over a drink and a biscuit, or buy floral sundries from the sales table. Our programme for the club year is shown overleaf.

During the year workshops are organised to encourage an appreciation of floral design and creative flower arranging and to help members acquire and develop new skills to enhance their enjoyment of flower arranging.


Visits are also undertaken to beautiful gardens or Flower Shows or events again for the members' enjoyment.

Elworth Flower Club is affiliated to NAFAS (National Association of Flower Arranging Societies who provide support and other facilities for Flower Clubs across the United Kingdom. 

"When you walk into a room and see flowers beautifully arranged it LIFTS YOUR SPIRIT. It is our aim to raise the spirits of our members at each and every meeting of the Club."



& events

As a result of the Coronavirus all our events are cancelled at the moment. However we are continuing with ZOOM events until we can reopen hopefully later in 2021.

Upcoming events


  • ZOOM Demonstration with the fantastic Vanessa Wellock
    Invitation from Bernard Preston
    Mar 15, 7:20 PM
    Invitation from Bernard Preston
    Our second Zoom demonstration for members and visitors whilst the Club remains closed during lockdown.

join us

When the Elworth Flower Club reopens later in 2021 it will meet at the Wesley Centre Sandbach on the third Monday of each month, with the exception of August and December, at 7.30pm for a floral demonstration followed by a cup of tea or coffee and a chat.


Our annual subscription for the year 2021- 2022  when we reopen will be £15 for the year to March 2022 or £5 as a visitor for each meeting. Until we are able to reopen Zoom demonstrations fees will announced by email to members.


If you wish to join or visit you will be very welcome, so do take the plunge and come along.

For more information please ring: 01477 544166 or 01270 753302

How to find us


The Wesley Centre is situated in Wesley Avenue close to the centre of Sandbach. The post code is CW11 1DG. There is parking in Chapel Street behind the hall and there is a public car park 100yds, away at the bottom of Chapel Street as well as in adjacent streets. Just ask anyone it is a very well known location in Sandbach.


1957 – 2021 and Still Going Strong

Elworth Flower Club was founded as part of the Parent Teacher Association at Elworth Primary School around 1953/4. The men in the group were doing car mechanics and so something was required for the ladies to do. Mrs Kathleen Hovey a teacher at the school suggested flower arranging and so a small ladies group was formed. Ladies brought in flowers and containers and created arrangements under the guidance of Mrs Hovey. On occasion’s local florists who were asked to demonstrate their techniques and skills to the ladies present.




The group was only small but grew in size over the next two or three years and everyone was keen for it to continue and succeed.

In 1957 because of the interest in flower arranging across the United Kingdom the National Association of Flower Arranging Societies NAFAS, was formed to support this growing band of Flower Clubs across the country. It was at this point that the PTA Group now named Elworth Flower Club joined NAFAS being one of the very first to do so. So Elworth flower Club was a founder member of NAFAS in 1957.

The Club was now administered by a committee with a range of officers to undertake the various roles necessary to run a successful Flower Club.

The club continued to grow and it continued to meet at the Primary School in Elworth. By the late 1980’s the membership had grown to around 100 members in all.

In 1991 the Education Authorities decided to raise the fees for the hire of the Hall used by the Flower Club. The increase was so significant that the club could no longer afford the hire of the room.

A search for suitable venues was launched and Bradwall Village Hall was chosen as the new venue. The cost was less than the club had been paying for the school hall and it was a good sized room with good acoustics. It was out in the country which some people worried about, but it had a very good car park which had by now become a real necessity.  The decision was made and Elworth Flower Club moved to Bradwall Village Hall in 1991.

By this time the Club had become a stable successful organisation with a membership of around 85. As well as the monthly meetings, the committee were also organising Charity events and during the 1990’s Fashion and Flowers was a great favourite. Significant sums were given to Charity during this period.

With the coming of the millennium, flower arranging started to suffer and membership started to fall in clubs all over the UK. New attitudes, new opportunities and with the growth of computing and social media people seemed to be searching for new things to do.

In spite of the Club winning a Bronze Medal for an arrangement created by Alison Costello and Brian Spencer at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2003, membership was also falling at Elworth Flower Club.

By 2005 membership had fallen to 48. In order to attract new members and to encourage the old members to return, the programme of demonstrators was revised with more floristry specialists and superstar demonstrators added to the programme.

As a result membership has climbed back up to previous levels and currently stands at between 85 and 90 with members enjoying excellent demonstrations in a fun and very sociable atmosphere.


In 2020 Bradwall Village Hall was sold to Foden's Band and we were prohibited from using the Hall for our Flower Club events. We plan to use The Wesley Centre for our club events when we reopen hopefully sometime later in 2021. 

01270 753302  |  info@elworthflowerclub.co.uk
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